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Check in on Lanier79 alumn Kenneth Thompson on one of his radio talk shows on KAZI.

Graduation Candidates
1979 Commencement
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Class of 1979

Lanier High School    
Austin, Texas

Alumni Found
in 2004

Jun 9th
   Luke Lewis

Jun 3rd
   Anna Perez
   Don Rehwaldt

May 31st
   Denice Bond

May 26th
   Earl Harrigan
   Ralph Sharp

May 24th
   Karen Davis
   Sonja Smallwood

May 22nd
   Tim Smith

May 20th
   Jack Stevens

May 19th
   Johnny Gonzales

May 10th
   Tom Deba

May 6th
   Mark Warren
   Todd Turner

May 1st
   Ron Kuehler

Apr 27th
   Dennis Dickey

Apr 26th
   Alisha Clay
   Rose Irizzary

Apr 25th
   Lorrie Stevenson

Apr 24th
   Angela Richard
   Kenneth Gontarek

Apr 22nd
   Terry Ludwig

Apr 18th
   Laura Center
   Nanette Banks

Apr 17th
   Leslie Schubert
   Jeff Amato
   Mike Fox
   Pam Ayres

Apr 16th
   Tracy Hester

Apr 15th
   Bob Fuller

Apr 11th
   Carl Russworm

Apr 9th
   Jay Stauffer

Apr 6th
   Denise Douglas

Mar 23rd
   Archie Phinney
   Jeff Knodel

Mar 22nd
   Rudy Anderson

Mar 17th
   David Jesus
   Monie Jones
   Ric Sullivan

Mar 15th
   Brenda Heimann
   Carol Cannon
   Charlotte Willis
   Dennis Oefinger
   Kelly Holligan
   Patricia Glockzin

Mar 14th
   Donna Novotny

Mar 13th
   Charles Baker
   Dana Bird
   Jamie Collins
   Judy Mulkey
   Mark Mazur
   May Sanders
   Patrick Ross
   Ray Green
   Raymond Cilek
   Robert Howden

Mar 12th
   Andy Moffitt
   Dianne Lupercio
   Guy Crable
   Janet Sult
   Linda Lepp

Mar 11th
   Daniel Fuessel

Mar 10th
   Margaret Turner

Mar 9th
   Kenneth O’Brien
   Kim Falke
   Leslie Broz

Mar 7th
   Kenneth Camp
   LeAnn Bullock
   Terry Latouf

Mar 6th
   Bard Chafin
   Cheryl Posgai
   Craig Eulenfeld
   Gordon Milligan
   Gregg Haseloff
   Kathy Hinds
   Keith Vetter
   Lisa Whitehead
   Mark Leatherman
   Mary Kulczyk
   Ray O’Neal
   Stephanie Danner
   Stephen Keithley

Mar 5th
   Dale Delamar
   DeShaunta Stewart
   Jeff Reeves
   Karlo Asfura
   Shari Gordon
   Sherry Pierce
   Susan Bonnet

Mar 4th
   Gay Wucher
   Jane Lange
   Kendall Berggren

Mar 3rd
   Gary Slussler
   Janice Jones
   Lou Ann Bell
   Michelle Foster

Mar 1st
   Gary Salisbury

Feb 28th
   Doug Brite
   Lonnie Pearson
   Melissa Montgomery
   Orlando Cisneros

Feb 26th
   Michael Steedley
   Michele Guthrie
   Nam Kim

Feb 25th
   Andy Sterling
   Jill Williamson
   Ralph Osio
   Terry Walker

Feb 24th
   Carrie Butler
   Joe Dye
   Lynne Carson
   Rick Artus

Feb 23rd
   Dede Cantu
   Mary Tennyson

Feb 22nd
   Dennis Frankum
   Shari Campbell
   Sharon Worden

Feb 21st
   Becky Spiars
   Gordon Williams
   Jerry Bischoffberger
   Kevin White
   Nancy Zacco
   Pam Smith

Feb 20th
   Dianna Baker
   Gavin Garcia
   Gregory Arldt
   Greg Baker
   Julee King
   Kenny Scheer

Feb 19th
   Bobby Hancock
   David Sweet
   Jackie Janecka
   Louis Matula
   Martin Pehl
   Nancy Gick
   Nikki Crowson
   Russell Martin
   Steven Klaus
   Toni Norman

Feb 18th
   Kathy McLaughlin
   Kevin McLaughlin
   Susan Winfield

Feb 17th
   David Powers
   Dwayne Price
   Issac McKinley
   Laurie Peschel

Feb 16th
   Matthew Seher

Feb 15th
   Donna Pratt
   Jennifer Lingo
   JoAnn Burk
   Lad Janes
   Mike Essary

Feb 14th
   Connie Sharpe
   David Wolfe
   Debbie See
   Larry Lawrence
   Mark Steves
   Walter Ulbrich

Feb 13th
   Donald Willis
   Gin Sikes
   Glen Knipstein
   Marjorie Mack
   Shari Leslie
   Steven Hyatt
   Jan Paquette

Feb 12th
   Cindy Scogin

Feb 11th
   Gina Spada
   Tamra Johnson

Feb 10th
   Angie Mead
   Cathy McIntyre
   Debbie Tidwell
   Laurie Mitchell
   Lisa Wuthrich
   Olga Ramirez
   Tanya Tillman
   Vic McWherter

Feb 9th
   Dottie Barger
   George Yuja
   Nathan Israeloff
   Peggy Owen
   Ricky Cruz-Aedo

Feb 6th
   Brad Grubb
   Brenda Bond
   Sharon Staller

Total Found: 284

The 25th anniversary Lanier Class of 1979 reunion was held on June 11th and 12th, 2004. The Friday night social was hosted on the rooftop terrace of a downtown Austin club called Speakeasy. The somewhat more formal Saturday night party took place in the Foothills I and II ballrooms at the top of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, overlooking Town Lake. Both venues were very close to each other. On Saturday, we held a picnic under a very large pavilion at Westlake Beach Park.

The weather was sunny and warm on both days.

Information about the reunion plans were published on this web page. Step by step instructions for the registration process were published on this web page, as was a map to the downtown venues. Personal checks were accepted as payment via postal mail and alumni could also register and pay using credit cards using this web site.

Here’s a screenshot of the home page taken on September 14, 2004.

Major Reunion Features
  • June 11th: Speakeasy rooftop social/mixer.
  • June 12th: Westlake Beach picnic.
  • June 12th: Party at the Hyatt Regency.
  • June 13th: Service at Hays Hills Baptist Church.
  • Anyone attending Lanier anytime from 1975 to 1979 is invited (the classes of ’76 through ’82).
  • Anyone at Dobie/Burnet but went to Reagan/Anderson is invited.
  • Cool moms & dads are invited!

Planning for the reunion was conducted in a rather egalitarian way — there was really no official standing reunion committee. Instead, meetings were announced on the web site home page weeks in advance, open to everyone. Those who came to too many of the meetings were labeled “regulars” and were often conscripted to planning related duties. Richard Petty tried to keep the meeting minutes posted online, although his efforts fell short on the last few meetings right before the reunion.

Pictures taken during the reunion events can be found here:

  1. Speakeasy club
  2. Westlake Beach picnic
  3. Hyatt ballroom

Lanier Class of 1979
25th Anniversary Reunion
Saturday Night Alumni Awards
Most TattoosGina Spada with 5, could show us only 3
Most grandchildrenTamra (Johnson) Grotte, with 3
Youngest childChris (Muniz) Scott, with 2.7 years old
Most Dangerous ProfessionOrlando Cisneros, commercial airline pilot
Most Surprising ProfessionLorrie Stevenson, parole supervisor
Least HairAndre Fitzpatrick
Most Gray HairLuke Lewis
Best Facial HairBrad Grubb
Late Bloomer AwardColleen (Lott) Wehr
The BachelorGlenn Frey
The BacheloretteTanya Tillman
Still Most Likely to Become PresidentAllen Barnett
Mr. GQBilly Klipple
Ms. CosmoJackie (Avance) Lewis
Least Changed Since High SchoolGayla (Griggs) Smith
Ashton Kutcher & Demi MooreChuck Shoenfeld, is a boy-toy husband
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-JonesAndy Sterling, has much younger wife
Ms. CongenialityAngie (Mead) Moore
Mr. CongenialityShane Harris

Reunion Committee
Recognition Awards
Pack Rat AwardGayla (Griggs) Smith, supplied most of the memorabilia
Best Number CruncherKim (Herber) Wicheta
Best Internet StalkerDeneice (Wehring) Day, found most alumni
Poet LariatShane Harris
Best WebmasterRichard Petty