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Check in on Lanier79 alumn Kenneth Thompson on one of his radio talk shows on KAZI.

Graduation Candidates
1979 Commencement
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Class of 1979

Lanier High School    
Austin, Texas

This web page contains photographs taken during reunion party at the Hyatt Regency hotel on the evening of Saturday, June 12th, 2004.

Just click on the thumbnail pictures to view the larger, more complete photographs. They will open into new windows.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with corrections or to name unidentified people. Don’t forget to include the web address of the picture to which you are referring.

Big Group Shot

Admiring the
Austin Skyline

Kim Herber
Preps the Hyatt


Crystal Powers, Lisa Whitehead and Colleen Lott

Arrival at the
Hyatt Ballrooms

Entry to Hyatt
Ballroom Area

Hors D’oeuvres

Seated in
the Ballroom

Angie Explains
Voting Instructions

Hanging Out
at the Hyatt

Informal Hyatt
Group Shot

Becky Spiars
Donald Cannon


Alan, Lynetta,
Guy and Cindy

Nancy Makes
Her Point

Darrell, Chuck
and Shari

Mark Warren
and wife Diane

Connie Sharpe
and husband
David Bernard

Guest Lisa Hyden,
Kevin McLaughlin,
Andre Fitzpatrick

Glenn Frey

Kelly Delmas, Janice Jones and Terri Knipp

Kim Herber and husband Tom Wicheta, and Archie Phinney

Lori Stevenson

Matt (80) and wife Rosemary Kostoff

Matt Seher, Anna Perez, Keith Fogle, and Gina Spada

Olga Ramirez
and husband
Baldemar Maldonado

Pam Rider
Mark Steves

Shane Harris
Alan Barnett

Shari Leslie, Colleen Lott, and Sandy Elliott

Teresa Burnett
Terry Rogers

Terri Knipp
and husband
Ronald Morgan

Brad Grubb and wife Terry, Jason Demshar and Cathy McIntyre

Andy and
Ann Sterling

Cathy Ayres
and husband
Joe Lamm

Jackie Avance
and husband
Preston Lewis

Jason Demshar
Cathy McIntyre

Becky Spiars

Orlando Cisneros

Vicki and
Frank Patrick

Michele Guthrie

Cindy Barnett
Spots the

Ayres Sisters

Annette and
Archie Phinney

Taking the
Big Group Picture

Mark Jefferson
and wife
Terry Rogers

Charles and
Delores Schoenfeld

Jason, Cathy
and Barbara

Dana Bird
and Daughter

Rick Kennon
and wife
Yvonne Villanueva

Gina Spada
Keith Fogle

Darrell Laurence
and wife
Linda Cline

Gayla Griggs
and husband
Kevin Smith


Shane Harris
communicates with
Teresa and Gayla

Lou Ann Bell
and husband
David Ashmore

Charles Schoenfeld,
Anna Perez,
and Matt Seher

Brad Grubb
Gets Award

Deneice Wehring
Gets Award

Gina Spada
Gets Award

Richard Petty
Gets Award

Orlando Cisneros
Gets Award

Tamara Johnson
Gets Award

Guy Latimer
dances with
Anna Perez

Colleen Lott
dances with
Cort Winegard

Dancing at the
Hyatt Regency

Cotton Eye Joe

Dancing and