Arriving at the Hyatt Regency ballroom.

Lanier Class of ’79 25th Anniversary Reunion
Hyatt Regency Hotel — June 12, 2004

On the left and wearing a black dress, Angie (Mead) Moore stands behind Lisa (Whitehead) Powers and her daughter Crystal Powers (both obscurred by the sign). Speaking to them at the table is Andy Sterling’s wife, Ann; Andy is not far away, wearing a pink shirt. Glen Frey is preparing to photograph Kim (Herber) Wicheta, Brad Grubb, and Pam (Ayres) Folsom. The tall man beyond the table, wearing a light blue shirt, is Joe Lamm, the husband of Pam’ sister, Cathy, who was also in attendance.

Visible on the right are the doors of the large ballroom. Just barely visible on the left is one of the doors that lead to a smaller ballroom where food, snacks and refreshments were available.