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Clockwise, starting at lower-left: Lori (Wehring) Lyon (’82), Christine (Muniz) Scott, Yvonne (Villanueva) Kennon, Kim (Herber) Wicheta, Nancy (Nehring) Waddell, Donald Cannon (Reagan ’80), Becky (Spiars) Cannon, Tamra (Johnson) Grotte, Barbara (Paulissen) Heidrick, Deneice (Wehring) Day, Lisa (Whitehead) Powers, and Rhonda (Machu) Roten.

The meeting started with a meal. Christine had to call Richard Petty because he thought that the meeting started at 2PM when it had started at 1PM. Deneice and Tamra drove in from Houston to attend this meeting but at least they were on time.