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Check in on Lanier79 alumn Kenneth Thompson on one of his radio talk shows on KAZI.

Graduation Candidates
1979 Commencement
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Class of 1979

Lanier High School    
Austin, Texas

Alumni Found
in 2009

June 11th
   Curtis Chelette

June 1st
   Becky Spiars

May 27th
   Eric Bird

May 26th
   Terry Walker

May 13th
   Denice Bond

May 1st
   Cindy Waters

Apr 27th
   Lane Honeycutt

Apr 19th
   Charon Clayton

Apr 18th
   Bill Rigsby

Apr 11th
   Jerry Bischoffberger

Apr 7th
   Cindy Gray

Mar 26th
   Cindy Cruickshank

Mar 24th
   Michael Steedley
   Sandra Perez
   Sheryl Mattias
   Ralph Sharp

Mar 21th
   Donna Pratt

Mar 17th
   Curtis Baker
   Cynthia Leach

Mar 12th
   Dede Cantu

Mar 11th
   Elin Borg

Mar 8rd
   Gina Spada
   Jennifer Lingo
   Joann Renieri
   Michael Woodlee
   Ronald Hamerick
   Tonna Temples

Mar 7th
   Anthony Tipton
   Lisa Neitsch

Mar 3rd
   Steve Klaus

Mar 1st
   Greg Goehmann

Feb 28th
   Shari Campbell

Feb 27th
   Lisa Sargologos
   Paulette Fulkes

Feb 26th
   Leslie Schubert

Feb 24th
   Ron Kuehler

Feb 19th
   Pam Ayers

Feb 17th
   Steve Trollinger

Feb 15th
   Kelly Palmer

Feb 14th
   Danette Morgan
   John McAlpin

Feb 5th
   Jack Ray

Jan 31st
   Johnny Gonzales

Jan 28th
   Kenneth Thompson

Jan 27th
   Terry Dodd
   Debra Hipple

Jan 24th
   Michele Guthrie

Jan 15th
   Jack Garner
   Pattie Lawson

Jan 14th
   Leslie Broz

Jan 13th
   Alan Brack
   Russell Martin
   Tina Gray

Jan 12th
   Alisha Clay
   Jan Sult
   Steven Haight
   Vic McWherter

Total Found: 57

The 30th anniversary Lanier Class of 1979 reunion was held on Saturday, June 20th, 2009, from 6PM until 11PM at the Serranos restaurant at Symphony Square. Our venue included two indoor bars connected by a large patio, covered in oak trees. The music DJ set up in the larger of the two bars and its several sets of large double-doors were opened to the patio for the entire evening. Our dinner buffet was also served from the larger bar.

Information about the reunion plans were published on the Lanier79 home page. Personal checks were accepted as payment via postal mail and alumni could also register and pay using credit cards using this web page.

How Hot Was It?

Interestingly, our reunion event appears to have initiat­ed a heat wave in Austin. The maxi­mum temp­erature on June 20th was 102°F but by the start of the reunion the temp­er­ature had drop­ped to 98°F with a heat index of 102°F. The humid­ity was 36% and the wind blew from the south­east at 20MPH under part­ly cloudy skies.

The next nine days follow­ing our reunion were all 100°F or hotter. In fact, it was the second hot­test June on record.

We’ve archived the Lanier79 web site home page in two forms, as it appeared in 2009, promoting the June reunion event. You can view the home page here. We also have a screenshot image of the home page (large file, 3.3MB) taken on the day of the reunion.

Alumni organized their own private brunches, happy-hour socials, and reunion events, too. For example, Vikette alumni met on Saturday afternoon at The Oasis.

The official edited and annotated reunion photographs are be found at the bottom of this web page. The unedited and unprocessed images, 406 of them from various sources, can be found here: Miscellaneous Reunion Pictures. Think of this section as our picture shoe box. Each web page contains twenty image thumbnails and one large image; Click on the large image to see a link (“View fullsize image”) that will allow you to view the image at various sizes, including huge. Note that these images are NOT part of the Image Index web page.

Lanier Class of 1979
30th Anniversary Reunion
Looks Like They Did in the 7th GradeGayla (Griggs) Smith
Most MarriedWilliam “Bill” Rigsby
Most ChildrenWilliam “Bill” Rigsby
Most TattoosWilliam “Bill” Rigsby
BrangelinaRonald and Terri (Knipp) Morgan
Cutest CoupleRonald and Terri (Knipp) Morgan
Still Crazy After All These YearsShane Harris
Farthest Traveled by CarJill (Williamson) Lormand
Furthest Traveled by PlaneJackie (Avance) Lewis
Most Unusual OccupationJackie Garner (arson investigator)
BacheloretteTanya Tillman
BachelorJack Ray
Best Facial HairWilliam “Bill” Rigsby
Youngest ChildMichael Talamentez
Most GrandkidsMarjorie Mack
Longest MarriageKathy and Martin Pehl
Least HairMichael Talamentez
Most Gray HairJoe Dye
Still Most Likely to be PresidentAllen Barnett
Late Bloomer, FemaleJackie (Avance) Lewis
Late Bloomer, MaleMatthew Seher

Alisha Clay-Thompson
Allen Barnett
Angela Mead-Moore
Baldemar Maldonado
Barbara Paulissen-Heidrick
Beverly Grace
Billy Robertson
Carl Wallingford
Carrie Artus
Catherine McIntyre-Wantuck
Charles Paullisen
Christine Muniz-Scott
Cindy Barnett
Cindy Cain-Brown
Cindy Cruickshank-Wallingford
Cindy Waters
Craig Grace
Curtis Chelette
Dale Delamar
Danny Criswell
Darrell Laurence
David Rust
Deneice Wehring-Day
Elin Borg-Criswell
Eric Shephard
Ernie Beltz
Florcita Frey
Frank Battle
Gary Petty
Gary Sielaff
Gayla Griggs-Smith
Georgette Hardin
Gina Spada-Biondo
Glen Knipstien
Glenn Frey
Guy Latimer
Jack Garner
Jack Ray
Jacki King-Weersing
Jackie Avance-Lewis
James Crinnion
Jamie Burton-Wheeless
Janice Jones-Ginsberg
Jay Stauffer
Jeff Amato
Jeff Weersing
Jeri Gamble
Jill Williamson-Lomand
Joe Dye
Joe Gillum
Joel Seaman
Joy Young-White
Julie Klaus
Karen Kovar-McGuire
Karla Petty
Kathy Clayton
Kathy Hinds
Kathy McLaughlin-Battle
Kathy Pehl
Kelly Delmas-Salley
Kenneth Thompson
Kevin McLaughlin
Kevin Smith
Kim Feille-Nelson
Kim Herber-Wicheta
Kimberly Hans
Kimberly Schroeder-Terry
Larry Lomand
Laurie Mitchell-Allen
Linda Cline-Laurence
Lisa Felder
Lisa Sargologos-Gregory
Loren Seaman
Lou Ann Bell-Ashmore
Lynetta Latimer
Lynn Kuehler
Mac McGuire
Malinda Delamar
Marjorie Mack-Royer
Mark Jefferson
Mark Steves
Marti Earngey
Martin Pehl
Mary Amato
Matthew Seher
Melisaa Cutrer
Michael Steedley
Michael Talamentez
Michele Guthrie
Mike Watters
Nancy Lehman-Carssow
Nancy Nehring-Waddell
Olga Ramirez-Maldonado
Pam Steves
Pattie Lawson-Garner
Peggy Owens-Gillum
Photographer Rick Henson
Preston Lewis
Rhonda Machu-Roten
Richard Petty
Rick Cruz-Aedo
Rick Kennon
Rick Waddell
Ron Kuehler
Ronald Hamerick
Ronald Morgan
Rosana Sielaff
Sammy Seidenberger
Sandy Cain-Taylor
Sandy Elliott-Harris
Scott Berman
Scott Nehring
Shane Harris
Shari Gordon-Wojtowecz
Sharon Kraft
Stefano Biondo
Steve Terry
Steve Trolinger
Steven Klaus
Susan Steedley
Tanya Tillman
Teresa McHargue-Robertson
Teri Hinson
Teri Hinson-Morquecho
Terri Knipp-Morgan
Terri Rogers-Jefferson
Terry Harrison
Tom Wicheta
Tommy Wheeless
Tonna Temples-Hamerick
Tracy Magruder-Watters
Vic McWherter
William Rigsby
Yvonne Villanueva-Kennon

Attended: 136

Nancy Nehring Opens
a Guest Envelope

Two Simultaneous

Dinner Outside

Name Tags at
the Sign-in Table

Scott Berman, Animated!

Laurie Mitchell Watches
the Sign-in Table

Terry Rogers and
White Wine

Coach Seidenberger
Shakes Hands

Laurie Mitchell’s Husband
Makes Her Laugh

Kim Herber and
White Wine

Kathy Hinds

LouAnn Autographs
Kathy’s Shirt

Laurie Mitchell Allen and
Carrie Butler Artus

Kathy and Martin Pehl

Memorabilia 1

Memorabilia 2

 Click here to see our 2009 
 reunion photo shoe box.