Lanier Class of ’79
30th Anniversary Reunion

At the end of the June 8th meeting at Baby Acapulco on Stonelake Drive in north Austin, we decided that the next (and final) meeting would take place at Kim Herber's home. That meant, we realized, that this was our last planning meeting in a public place, which was kind of sad — and it was time for a picture!

This is the first of five photographics attempts necessary before we got a keeper. It actually depicts, pretty accurately, the mood and chaos that often characterized our meetings.

Surprisingly, no one realized that the blazing light right above our heads might be a problem, even when some of us, ie: Guy Latimer, seemed to be staring straight into it.

Finally, the good picture.

It is at times like these that we realize:

  1. How hard our Lanier teachers had to work to keep us on task
  2. How little we have changed since high school

Special thanks to our photographer, Guy Latimer's wife Lynetta, who sometimes seemed to be the only sane person present.

I'm really going to miss these meetings.

— Richard Petty