Lanier Class of ’79 30th Anniversary Reunion
Serranos at Symphony Square — June 20, 2009

Richard Petty (red shirt) arrived 45-minutes late with the name tags, but handfuls of the badges were taken by Laurie Mitchell and Nancy Nehring to be distributed among the guests who had already arrived. Cindy (Cain) Brown, Sandy (Cain) Taylor, Nancy Nehring's daughter Lindsay and her friend, Raine Bryson, quickly organized the remaining name tags for guests where were still arriving.

Checking in at the table, with the yellow bag, is Melissa Cutrer. Behind her, in the black dress and talking with Sandy Cain is Terry (Walker) Harrison. Lou Ann (Bell) Ashmore, black blouse and white pants, is leaving the table with her name tag. On the left in the print top is Terry (Rogers) Jefferson and behind her, holding the large black bag, is Kim (Feille) Nielsen. On the right, wearing a blouse with a black background and pink flowers, is Jerry Rhemes (’78).

Cindy and Sandy are the twin sisters of Laurie Cain, one of our alumni who has passed away. Although they are from the class of ’78, they worked our reunion sign-in table. Big thanks to both!