Lanier Class of ’79 30th Anniversary Reunion
Serranos at Symphony Square — June 20, 2009

Laurie (Mitchell) Allen smiles at photographer Curtis Chelette as she looks in on the situation at the sign-in table. Richard Petty looks on, too, feeling a bit guilty for being late with the name tags and simply dumping them at the table.

Working the sign-in table, Lindsay Waddell snacks on tortilla chips and salsa while Melissa Cutrer studies the name tags layed out on the table, trying to find hers.

Sandy (Cain) Taylor ('78), in the checkered shirt, is helping Marjorie Mack and Terry (Rogers) Jefferson with the name tags.

Lanier teacher Nancy (Lehmann) Crisswell, wearing a blue shirt, and Lanier main office staffer Sharon Kraft, in black, talk with Kim (Feille) Nielsen, who is just barely visible.

In the distance, Lynetta Latimer leads Guy up the steps to the reunion.