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Alumni Found
in 2009

June 11th
   Curtis Chelette

June 1st
   Becky Spiars

May 27th
   Eric Bird

May 26th
   Terry Walker

May 13th
   Denice Bond

May 1st
   Cindy Waters

Apr 27th
   Lane Honeycutt

Apr 19th
   Charon Clayton

Apr 18th
   Bill Rigsby

Apr 11th
   Jerry Bischoffberger

Apr 7th
   Cindy Gray

Mar 26th
   Cindy Cruickshank

Mar 24th
   Michael Steedley
   Sandra Perez
   Sheryl Mattias
   Ralph Sharp

Mar 21th
   Donna Pratt

Mar 17th
   Curtis Baker
   Cynthia Leach

Mar 12th
   Dede Cantu

Mar 11th
   Elin Borg

Mar 8rd
   Gina Spada
   Jennifer Lingo
   Joann Renieri
   Michael Woodlee
   Ronald Hamerick
   Tonna Temples

Mar 7th
   Anthony Tipton
   Lisa Neitsch

Mar 3rd
   Steve Klaus

Mar 1st
   Greg Goehmann

Feb 28th
   Shari Campbell

Feb 27th
   Lisa Sargologos
   Paulette Fulkes

Feb 26th
   Leslie Schubert

Feb 24th
   Ron Kuehler

Feb 19th
   Pam Ayers

Feb 17th
   Steve Trollinger

Feb 15th
   Kelly Palmer

Feb 14th
   Danette Morgan
   John McAlpin

Feb 5th
   Jack Ray

Jan 31st
   Johnny Gonzales

Jan 28th
   Kenneth Thompson

Jan 27th
   Terry Dodd
   Debra Hipple

Jan 24th
   Michele Guthrie

Jan 15th
   Jack Garner
   Pattie Lawson

Jan 14th
   Leslie Broz

Jan 13th
   Alan Brack
   Russell Martin
   Tina Gray

Jan 12th
   Alisha Clay
   Jan Sult
   Steven Haight
   Vic McWherter

Total Found: 57

Vikettes & Valkyries Luncheon
Sat., June 20th
(more info)


Shari (Campbell) Raesz attended a recent reunion planning meeting.


Kenneth Thompson’s son appeared in Texas Monthly magazine. You can check out a proud father’s son at this web page.

Also, you can check in on Kenneth himself on one of his radio talk shows on KAZI.

Graduation Candidates
1979 Commencement
Page 1   Page 2

Class of 1979

Lanier High School    
Austin, Texas
Austin Weather
Temperature: 83.0° F
Heat Index: 87° F
Humidity: 65%
Wind: SSE at 20 MPH
Weather: fair

30th Anniversary Reunion
 Event Plans

Location:Serranos at Symphony Square (map)
  1111 Red River Street
  Austin, TX 78701
Date: Saturday, June 20th, 2009
Time: 6PM to 11PM
Price: Through May 31st:  $30 per person
  After May 31st:  $40
  At the door:  $50
Dress: casual
Food: fajita and enchilada dinner buffet with water, tea, etc.
Drink: cash bar
Music: DJ Bubba B. Badd
Photographer: Rick Henson (CD-ROM for $25)
Bring: camera, pen and paper, family photos, yearbooks
Guests: Sammy Seidenberger, Nancy Lehmann, Sharon Kraft, and Craig Grace
Reunion Buffet

A view of the patio at Serranos.

The fajita and enchilada buffet tables will be located in the bar. Several large sets of double-doors will open onto the patio for seating; indoor seating will also be available at tables in the bar area.


Picture of Sheraton Hotel.

Sheraton Hotel as seen from Serranos.

Need a place to stay overnight? A discount price has been negotiated with the Sheraton hotel, across the street from Serrano’s, and it’s still available. That’s the same hotel where the 20th anniversary reunion was held back in 1999.

To reserve a $189 room for just $130 per night, call Sara Palacios at 512-404-6934 and request the “Lanier High School 30th Reunion” group rate.

Never been to a high school reunion?

If you’ve never attended a high school reunion, it might seem intimidating. Fear not: reunions are organized and attended by average Joe’s just like yourself. You’ll fit right in — promise.

But I’m <insert here> (fat, withered, wrinkled, balding, sagging...)

Hey, we are too!

But I used to be <insert here> (cute, handsome, buff, admired, sharp...)

Once, all of us were young. Once, we were fresh, strong, and energetic, but now that’s our kids’ job. Nowadays, our role is to be experienced, confident and wise.

Confident and wise? Then why am I so nervous about a reunion???

Because you’re normal. Relax, if this is your first reunion and you are nervous or hesitant then your feelings are very typical. Even the folks who’ve attended many reunions still get really excited.

But people are going to judge me.

“Judge” is such a harsh word. It’s true that you will make an first impression on people but it will be your second impression, later in the evening, that will matter most. It works the other direction, too: You will form an initial opinion of the people that you meet. This is a normal learning process.

But I was going to be an astronaut!

Let’s face it, no one else thought you were going to be an astronaut so why worry about it? We’ve all confronted reality at some point since 1979.

Our alumni have gone into many professions: cowboys, doctors, stay-at-home parents, mechanics, accountants, realtors, grocers, cooks, lawyers, soldiers and sailors, landscapers, and regrettably, some are recently unemployed.

What about my irrational fear of the unknown?

Everyone has to deal with the fear of the unknown. It has placed a heavy toll on many of our lives but there's good news as far this reunion goes: there will be plenty of happy people at Serranos to help you forget your worries.

I don’t drink alcohol. Is this going to be a problem?

Many of the guests are going to drink alcohol, but many others are not going to drink any alcohol at all. Teetotallers should have no problem at this reunion; likewise, vegetarians will be able to enjoy their dinner. A little tolerance can go a long way!

I don’t like to sit around and talk about the old days.

If you’ve never attended a high school reunion before then you might be surprised to learn that almost all of the conversations are about the here and now. Sure, our high school years are discussed, stories told, and confessions are made, but mostly the talk is about what has happened since.

Okay, okay... so what will I see when I first arrive?

Yeah, first impressions are important and it’s the solemn duty of the people organizing this reunion to make you feel comfortable right away.

Here’s an outline:

1. First, you’ll walk up to the front of Serranos and look around, wondering if you’re at the right place. The big, wide picture (above) shows EXACTLY what you will see, including the steps that lead up to our reunion. Beyond the steps, you can probably make out a table with a white table cloth on it... that will be our greeting and sign-in table!
2. If you’ve never been to a class reunion, it’s unlikely that you will recognize anyone at the sign-in table, but don’t panic. Cindy and Sandy, the twin sisters of our late fellow alumni Lori Cain, have volunteered to work at our sign-in table. They may seem a bit excited because greeting people is a lot of fun. This is also when bringing a yearbook along comes in handy. (Who the heck did I just shake hands with?) Don’t worry if you can’t find your yearbook because other people will share theirs with you.
3. You’ll sign in and be given your name tag. Do everyone a favor and wear it!
4. Next, you’ll walk past the sign-in table and into the patio area. If you are a natural wall-flower, now is when you’ll look for a potted plant to stand behind. Resist that urge and remember that you are “experienced, confident and wise.”
5. Walk over to the left side of the patio and step into the bar for a look-see. This is where the food and drink are located, a good place to remember.
6. Get yourself a drink of some sort. It will give you something specific to do when you first arrive, plus, people tend to congregate around food so you’ll probably get a chance to chat with someone right away. Later, fiddling with your drink will give your hands something to do as you meet people.

The number one reunion mistake.

Asking someone when they are “due” is the worst reunion mistake you can make but the second worst is pretty bad, too: You need to be willing to meet people that you think you don’t know. It’s really annoying to learn, later, that you missed a chance to meet your old buddy Joe Blow because you simply didn’t recognize him.


Big Group Shot Taken at 10th Anniversary Reunion
at the Wyndham South Park Hotel in June 1989

10th Anniversary group shot.

 View Large Version with Names 

Big Group Shot Taken at the 25th Anniversary Reunion
at the Hyatt Hotel in June 2004

Hyatt group shot.

 View Large Version with Names 

Photograph of the Lanier Class of 1979

Picture of Lanier Class of 1979.

 View Large Version 

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