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Check in on Lanier79 alumn Kenneth Thompson on one of his radio talk shows on KAZI.

Graduation Candidates
1979 Commencement
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Class of 1979

Lanier High School    
Austin, Texas

This web page contains photographs taken at Scholz Garten on the evening of Saturday, February  7th, 2009, starting at 7PM. This event was one of the twice-yearly pan-annual reunions.

Just click on the thumbnail pictures to view the larger, more complete photographs; they will open into new windows.

At the table in the forground is Kathy Pehl,
Martin Pehl, and on the right, Keith Vetter.

Many of these people are from the
Lanier classes of 1972 and 1978.

Kathy and Martin Pehl.

Schotz didn’t blast us with music that night but, just the same, you almost had to shout to be heard across the table. Lots of happy people, laughter, and chatter.