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Check in on Lanier79 alumn Kenneth Thompson on one of his radio talk shows on KAZI.

Graduation Candidates
1979 Commencement
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Class of 1979

Lanier High School    
Austin, Texas

Lanier alumni web sites:

Noel Kerns (’80)

Elin (Borg) Criswell
The Country Soaper
Tracy Hester

Richard Petty
photo album

Kenneth Thompson Sr.
radio talk show host

Alumnus? Alumnis? Alumnises? has a nice explanation.

The Official Lanier High School Web Site

The Austin Independent School District has put together a very nice web site for the Lanier of today.

Other local Austin high school class reunion web sites

They are mostly homegrown, like this web site. There are commercial sites but since you can't do much with them unless you pay money, they aren't listed here:

Austin High School Class of 1962
Bowie High School Class of 1993
Lanier High School Class of 1975
Reagan High School Class of 1973
Reagan High School Class of 1979
Reagan High School Class of 1980