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Graduation Candidates
1979 Commencement
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Class of 1979

Lanier High School    
Austin, Texas

This page contains links to photographs of Lanier students livin’ large back in 1975 to 1979. The pictures come from you, the alumni! The only loose requirement is that the photos should feature Lanier alumni. Don’t send pictures of ZZ Top in concert; send us pictures of you going to see ZZ Top. You get the idea.

There are two ways to get your pictures on this web site:

  1. Attend a reunion planning meeting and have your photos scanned.
  2. Scan them yourself and send them directly to the web server.

Submitted by Deneice (Wehring) Day

Wooten Elementary School

Submitted by Richard Petty

Panoramic ’73-’74 Dobie Junior High band picture (2,662 x 1,024 pixels).

Panoramic ’73-’74 Dobie Junior High band picture (6,956 x 2,676 pixels).

Submitted by Jamie (Burton) Wheeless

A party at Jamie’s in ’77: Mark Gordon, Kenny Scheer, John Barger (77) and Laurie Mitchell.

Submitted by Teresa Burnett

Vikettes Monee Phillips, Teresa Burnett, and Yvonne Daniels prepped for performance in 1978.

Submitted by Michele Guthrie

Teri Hinson in the Lanier kicker parking lot in ’76 or ’77.

Teri Hinson, Farley Fowler, and Tanya Tillman on the Ag Farm in ’76 or ’77.

Michele Guthrie enjoys champagne, celebrating her 17th birthday.

Submitted by Henry “Hank” Sherrill

A good luck poem written by Frank Dahlberg (’80) to Hank Sherrill, 1978.

Hank and his wife, Kathy, in 2002.

Submitted by Billy Robertson

Mike Dillon and Debbie Fritcher (LBJ ’81) on a bus, returning from Brady, Texas.

Submitted by Andy Sterling

Leslie Herrington, Andy Sterling and Charles Paulissen wait out an aborted fishing trip, 1982.

Submitted by Carol (Foxworth) Hall

Carol (Foxworth) Hall at the graduation commencement, May 1979.

Submitted by Shane Harris

Shane Harris, hat in hand, graduates, May 31, 1979.

Submitted by Angie (Mead) Moore

Pre-prom dinner the Magic Time Machine on Riverside Drive, undated.

Submitted by Colleen (Lott) Wehr

Joe Gillum, Peggy Owens, Julee King at church camp in Oklahoma, summer 1978.

Peggy Owens, Colleen Lott, and Julee King meet, July 2003.

Patrick Ross models 70's era leasure wear, undated.

Submitted by Kelly (Delmas) Salley

Ronald Morgan in Mr. Rice’s math class.

Cindy Urbanek, Kim Johnson, and Luanne Morrison, Halloween, 1978.

Lane Honeycutt plays a mean leg-guitar on the senior class trip, 1979.

Submitted by Robin (Salyer) Hood

Russell Martin in football uniform. (undated)

Lisa Sargologos at work in 1978.

Carrie Kraft (’80), Michael Taylor (’80), and Wilford Prossor picnic at Zilker Park.

Billy Robertson and Kent Burnett in their condo, on the senior class trip in Wimberly.

A bunch of guys pile onto a sofa during the senior class trip in Wimberly in 1979.

Terry Rogers, Robin Ruiz, David Rust at the commencement, 1979.

Recent Lanier graduates at sorority rush, 1979.

Submitted by Yvonne (Villanueva) Kennon

Traveling to Vikette competition in 1977.

Donna Novotny and Yvonne Villanueva in the gym on 50’s day.

Submitted by Darrell Laurence

Mr. Corley’s Sweathogs, 1977-78.

Charles Schoenfeld in the Lanier parking lot.

Ag Mechanics Team and Trophies, 1979.

Darrell Laurence and Linda Cline, married January 12, 1980.

Submitted by Richard Petty

A bunch of Vikings played little league baseball together in 1970

Pre-9th Grade Party at Richard and Gary Petty’s House, 1975

Robin Salyer and Richard Petty in "Here We Are", fall of 1975.

Our Lanier high school drama teacher, Mr. Foard, on stage.

Jamie Burton pins boutonniere on Richard Petty in 1975.

Jamie Burton’s Parties, 1975-1976

Jamie Burton and Gary Petty at Christmas, 1975.

Richard Petty’s birthday dinner at the Country Dinner Playhouse.

The Sultan and his harem in the 1976 production of “Don’t Drink the Water.”

Mr. Foard’s drama room at Lanier, fall of 1976.

Gary Petty, Richard Petty, and Rusty Fuller in the Lanier drama room.

Wearing new class shirts at Christina Dahlberg’s house.

Lanier drama group at the Country Dinner Playhouse

Another party at Petty’s house in 1976 or early 1977

A party at Pat Blashill’s house in early 1977.