The Jamie Burton’s Parties

by Richard Petty

Jamie Burton’s parties were the stuff of legend. They were never debauched or wicked; they were good, clean fun and everyone always looked forward to the next one. I don’t know exactly how many parties Jamie hosted. The people who came to the parties were mostly from a core of friends that formed at Dobie junior high and later from Lanier.

Jamie always tried to devise several events for her parties and put a good deal of effort into planning out the party games. Normally they were hosted in the den. At several of her parties we played hide and seek. Jamie and I were always found last — she planned it that way.

At one of her parties, several guys were seated at the dining room table and blindfolded. The girls pinched the boy’s noses closed and then fed them different things, asking boys to describe their taste. Jamie fed me a raw onion. Another time, the lights in the den suddenly went out. There was lots of screaming and when the lights came back on there was shaving cream everywhere—mostly on us guys.

Finally, there was a danger about Jamie’s bedroom during her parties. Nothing illegal ever happened there that I know of, but there was definitely a boy-girl thing going on. The odd man out had to settle for a bag of Doritos. That quickly became a joke: “Who’s got the Doritos?” My brother, Gary, settled for Doritos at least once.

Jamie always had a camera at these parties but I never saw any pictures. Rusty attended a couple of her parties, by which time when he’d already become an avid amateur photographer. He shot only black and white because it was cheap and he could process the film and prints himself. The pictures I have of Jamie’s parties on this web site where all taken by Rusty.