Photograph of Bruce Falke sitting on Gary's bed, next to Lisa.
This is a photograph of Bruce Falke, sitting on Gary Petty's bed, next to Gary's sister, Lisa.

Gary and Richard Petty had moved to Huntsville, Alabama, at the end of their sophomore year, but their hearts remained in Austin. They made several trips each year back to Austin to visit and attend the Lanier drama banquets. During the summer of 1978, between the eleventh and twelfth grade, drama coach Mr. Foard, Rusty Fuller, and Bruce Falke (’80) drove to Huntsville, Alabama, for a visit.

This was the first time that Bruce met the Pettys.

They stayed for several days before Mr. Foard and Bruce returned to Austin. Rusty remained for most of the rest of the summer and even participated in the local summer community theater production of “Li’l Abner.”

A few weeks later, Mr. Foard and Bruce flew back to Huntsville for a big surprise visit on the opening night of “Li’l Abner.”