Picture of birthday at the Country Dinner Playhouse.

For Richard’s birthday, his mom took a group to the Country Dinner Playhouse to see Bill Daily in “Under the Yum-Yum Tree.” That was in August of 1976, just prior to starting his sophomore year at Lanier.
Picture of birthday at the Country Dinner Playhouse.
  1. Richard Petty
  2. Jamie Burton
  3. Gary Petty
  4. Ginny Tompson
  5. Shirley Petty
  6. Lisa Petty

Before the show, the meal was served, buffet style. At the first intermission, deserts were served and a photographer made the rounds. He took photograph at each table and by the time the show was over the prints were ready... for five dollars.

The photographs were placed in folded cardboard carriers. On the front of the carriers was printed a line-image of the front of the playhouse and on the inside was an empty place where you could have the visiting thespian scribe an autograph. Bill Daily, who is probably best known for playing Major Roger Healey on the “I Dream of Jeanie” television show, met the audience in the lobby after the show to sign autographs. Richard got one.