Photo of some of the theater folks in Mr. Foard’s drama room.

This is a photograph taken in Mr. Foard’s drama room at Lanier, probably taken in the fall of 1976.

Rusty Fuller Hands and belt buckle just visible at the far left
Ginny Tompson Resting her elbow on Rusty
Pat Blashill Very top with his chin in his hand
Kenny Scheer Below Pat, supporting Pat's weight
Donna Storey (’77) Below Kenny, only her head is visible
Val Wright Long haired guy, white shirt sitting on Richard’s lap
Richard Petty Center of picture, only head is visible
Kelly Connelly Leaning back, wearing a white shirt
James Raby Behind Kelly, wearing a white shirt and blue jacket
Carolyn Arnold (’78) In the cheerleader outfit
Ann McCaffrey Sitting on the floor at the bottom of the picture