Michele Guthrie: “During my freshman & sophomore years, it seems like the FFA people practically lived at the Ag Farm from late fall (when we got our animals) through spring, when we worked around the clock at the Travis County Livestock Show for a week. Left to right, that’s Teri Hinson, Farley Fowler (’??), and Tanya Tillman at the Ag Farm in 1976 or ’77. Tanya and I were in Ag; I raised pigs and Tanya raised sheep. Teri wasn’t in Ag and I can't remember whether Farley was or not.”

Richard Petty: “I was just doing a little research while editing this web page when I learned that Teri Hinson and Farley Fowler were married in ’79. Yeah, I can see it... look at how he’s squeezing her a little closer than Tanya.”