Picture of Michele Guthrie and Daryl Ehrlich.

Michele Guthrie: “This was my 17th birthday so it would have been my junior year. Daryl Ehrlich (’78) was one of my brother’s (Larry Guthrie (’78)—or Guppy, as he was better known) best friends; he lived right down the street and it seems like he was always hanging around.”

“For some reason we were celebrating my birthday at my mom’s house (and mine, back then) in Quail Creek; she still lives in that house, after thirty years, although I’m happy to report that the harvest gold appliances were updated a few years ago.”

“I don’t know why we had champagne; my guess is that my mom saw it as an opportunity to get rid of something that had been living in the fridge for a while. It does seem slightly shocking, today, to think about my straight-laced mother giving a bunch of teenagers champagne, but things were very different in the ’70s (weren’t they?)”