Leslie Herrington, Andy Sterling and Charles Paulissen.

Andy Sterling:  “We took a road trip one weekend to Mustang Island to go deep sea fishing. It was about a week or two before spring break of 1982. Or ’83? I can’t remember. Most of the 80s were a blur for me, anyway.

“I just remember heading out on the boat we chartered into the Gulf during a beautiful sunrise. It was a crisp morning and we were all medicated with Dramamine and Budweiser. About two thirds of the way out we were confronted with a storm and the captain decided he didn’t want to chance it, so we turned back to the mainland. Needless to say, we were a little bummed out. We spent the rest of the weekend acting goofy and doing our best to drain the island supply of Bud.

“I remember on the drive back, we were in Charles’ pickup. I was stuck between Leslie and Charles as they argued half the way back to Austin about the maximum speed we should — or could — travel with out getting a ticket. During the heat of the argument we got pulled over by DPS. (He only gave us a warning.)”